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Playland for the youngest of the family

New floating playland in Søndervig

Take the kids into our super-cool and safe playland in firstfloor height, where they have possibility and space to romp.

The playground is designed, so that all corners and surfaces are protected, and it is not possible to fall down.

However, the construction in the first floor height, is so well made, that you might not be able to get the kids out before closing time at 10:00 PM!

The playground is open all days all year round:

  • Open 9:00 AM - 22:00 PM
  • Entrance fee: DKK 50, -


Try our indoor bumpercars

We will not let the rain frustrate you! At Beach Bowl you will find an indoor bumpercars course, where you can bump yourself with the cool Bumpercars!

When the children are parked, dad can also have a good time

While the children play in the first floor of the playland, dads can be parked in the leather sofas next door. On our screens there will be both national and international sporting events, and at the same time, we are streaming live from the playland, so that children can always be kept in sight.

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