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Beach Bowl A/S
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Lots of outdoor activities - all year round!

The adventure golf course in Søndervig is designed as a links course where you play on artificial turf, fairways, roughs and greens between dunes, heather, lyme grass and streams. The course is par 78 and has 18 holes of up to 45 metres.


You don’t have to be able to play “proper” golf to enjoy adventure golf.
Price per round: DKK 45 per person, clubs DKK 15 per person.
Eating at the restaurant qualifies for a discount of DKK 15.

Play a game of tennis, Padel, try the super jumper or let the kids play in the tower

Our tennis course and new Padel course are open all year.

For the kids we have a big play tower, miniature electric cars, a super jumper and water ballz which let the kids walk on water inside giant balls in a closed pool.

Try a Segway!

You know them from the telly or from the big cities: Segways. Now they've made their way to Søndervig too.

Try our off road track, its great fun!

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